Why Spinning is the best Indoor Cycling

Spinning or Spin is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of cycling. However, it is one that has caught on like wild fire. You can find spin classes in almost every gym in every city of every state in the US. While it is still does scare the majority of the people who peak in through the windows or stare through the glass walls as groups of bikers paddle hard to the music and the instructor yelling out transitions, the whole concept of spin is catching more and more. Most new bees are scared because they feel like they won’t be able to keep up. I want you guys to know that you’re fear is unfounded, because no matter what you might have heard, no one just jumps on the saddle and makes perfect transitions and time on their very first shot. It takes time and doing and guess what, you get to go at your own pace without pushing yourself too hard.

The Benefits of Spinning

The Benefits of Spinning

1) Go at your own pace: Like I just said, at spin you can go at your own pace, till you’re comfortable. In all experiences of spin, I have only met upbeat, encouraging and inspiring instructors who know when to push and when not to. So rest assured that within that sweaty room with music humming in the back drop, you don’t have to stand or climb hard just because the guy beside does and is a long time veteran. You can and in fact you are encouraged to go at your own pace.

2) The Bike: Unlike most other indoor cycles, the spin bike is designed for all-out high intensity workouts. While the recumbent bike and upright bike are designed keeping comfort in mind, the spin bike is designed for the singular purpose of intense training at varying levels of difficulty. The spin bike has a 13-18kg flywheel at the front which simulates the momentum that is felt while riding a bicycle on the road. Also, along with the dials that allow the rider to control the level of intensity (including hill climbing) they wish to ride at, the handles are also specifically designed to offer differing grip positions for the various stages of spinning, that vary between seated, standing and jogging positions at various speeds.


3) Full-body workout: While conventionally cycling and even spin really only helps to target the lower body, legs and the core, there are interesting ways in which you can get a more full body workout while you’re still pedaling. For example, you could hold light weights in your hands (3-5 lbs) and mimic boxing movements while you pedal in a seated position. Given time, you’re arms will be screaming for you stop, since you will be activating and burning a series of smaller muscle groups. As you get better and stronger you can even try standing and pedalling while you punch.

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4) Huge Calorie Burn: Depending on the length of the spin session, which can vary between 30 mins to 75 mins and the level of intensity you spin at, riders can burn anywhere between 400 to 700 calories! On an average, even if you spin for 30 mins and give your second best, you can expect to burn close to 500 calories. The secret lies in the nature of the exercise, the class, your groups, the music and your instructor that come together perfectly to give you all the motivation you’ll ever need to meet your weight loss goals.


Spinning is especially great in the off-season, during the holidays and in the winter, when we all tend to put on those extra few pounds. All it takes is 30 mins of your time, 3-4 times a week and you can be sure you’ll meet your goal of losing 1-2 lbs every week. What’s even better is that you can spin from the comfort of your home, by simply downloading a few workouts and enjoying all the benefits.

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