The Top 5 Benefits of Rowing

The rower or the Ergometer as it is commonly called has recently gained major popularity in gyms and health clubs all around the world and especially in the United States. A lot of people and especially fitness instructors, coaches and therapists are beginning to realize the long forgotten benefits of this incredible exercise machine. While the rower was extremely popular a few decades ago, particularly in the 50’s and 60’s, the advent of newer machines such as the various indoor cycles, including spin bikes and another state of the art treadmills and elliptical had obscured the ERG and made the world forget about the awesome benefits of this simple, yet effective machine. The new Concept 2 line of air rowers has sparked a new fascination and interest in the world of rowing. And, the fact that the growing Crossfit community has adopted the rower as their ‘go to’ Cardio machine is another huge contributing factor that has shaped the majority opinion regarding rowing and its strength and cardiovascular benefits. You can checkout the best rowing machines available on as they are the best website in the market right now.

Having done a bit of rowing myself in college, I know firsthand the huge health as well strength benefits it has to offer. Hopefully after reading what the science and growing fitness community have to say about the erg, you too will join us and reap the all the glory from performing this simple exercise.

The Top 5 Benefits of Rowing:

The Top 5 Benefits Of Rowing

1) Full Body Workout: Unlike most other cardio machines the indoor rower or erg offers a full body workout. While indoor cycle, spin bikes, treadmills, cross trainers and only elliptical work the lower body, the rower effectively targets all the major muscle groups in the body, including the arms, shoulders, back, chest, core, and legs. To give more comprehensive insight into the nine major muscle groups that rowing targets, starting with the legs, it exercises the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves; in the arms, it works both the triceps and the biceps; the back; chest, shoulders and core. You will be hard pressed to find another machine that works for all those muscle groups as well as delivers a complete cardiovascular workout.

2) Low impact exercise: The beauty of the rower lies in its low impact exercise. Unlike other clunky equipment including the treadmill and some cross trainers, the rower puts minimal stress on your knee joints as well your elbow joints and back. In fact because of the rowers low impact capacity, it is the foremost exercise tool for most runners and athletes in rehabilitation and injury prevention. It is also a great tool for obese and overweight people since it does the mechanics of the sliding seat helps to displace weight effectively, so that the individual can transition smoothly from position to the next.

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3) Improves Strength and endurance: Also, Unlike most cardio machines, that are singular and one-dimensional in their exercise capacities, the rower is both a strength training tool as well as a cardio/ endurance tool. James Brown of rowing machine man also talks about that Owing to its inherently aerobic as well as anaerobic training capacities, rowing is considered a strength-endurance sport. The natural rowing stroke works the lungs as much as it does the body that is constantly pulling and sliding to complete each stroke.

4) Huge Calorie Burn: Increasingly more and more health and fitness professional recognize the rower’s efficiency as a weight loss tool. Owing to the low impact nature of exercise it offers, as well as the successful weight displacement and the myriad different intensity levels an individual has to choose from, the rower is slowly becoming the leading weight loss tool along with cycling for many overweight people.

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5) Anyone can Row: This is perhaps the single most attractive feature of the rower: anyone can use it. Regardless of age, weight or fitness level, the indoor rower can be used by almost anyone with the goal of leading a healthier lifestyle. This machine requires no requisite training or fitness level, only a commitment to get healthier and live better.


Whether your goal is it to gain strength, improve fitness and endurance or lose weight, the indoor rower, and rowing and help you achieve all three at the same time. Modern rowers are equipped with advanced computer monitors with pre-installed workouts, calorie trackers and other salient features too help you get the most of every workout and reach your goals that much quicker.

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