Bangkok’s Best Street Food

Thailand has much more to offer than its martial arts and Muay Thai. It has an extremely rich culture of food and especially street food.  There is every kind of dish to satisfy all the 5 basic tastes that can the tongue can perceive and even a controversial 6th taste that is other than sour, bitter, salty, sweet and umami. The Thai savour piquancy or hotness, just like the Indians or Chinese, so you fill find a lot of traditionally hot dishes in many parts of Thailand.

A huge favourite and extremely popular lunch or breakfast option and my personal favourite especially for a meal on the go is ‘Khao Gang’ or curry rice.  This curry rice is combination of rice, curries and stir fries, any mixture of which can be added to a plate and enjoyed on the go. One of the top sellers of this particular type of dish is Khao gaeng rattana that serve two crowd favourites that include, gang kiew waan gai (chicken green curry) and gang som goong (sour curry with shrimp). Visit Bangkok’s famous Old Town to try the best ‘Khao Gang’.

If you’re heading to Old Town, you simply cannot pass up an opportunity to visit Jay Fai at Mahachai Road. Just drop the name and you’ll instantly get directions to her exact location. There is a reason that she is considered Bangkok’s best street food cook. Few other cooks can compete with her expertise in the Wok. Although her dishes are expensive, with some costing close to a 1000 bhatt or (27$), they are well worth the shot. Her most famous dish is the ‘guay tiew pad kee mowor Drunken noodles. This dish has a lot of chilly in it, so if you’re a lightweight in the chilli department you might want to take baby steps while trying it.

Another classic Thai dish is Thai-style ‘sukiyaki’, which is a wok-fried assortment of glass noodles, egg and seafood served with a chilli sauce and topped with pickled garlic. Although it is not the most attractive or good-looking dish; it is certainly worth the try. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. After all Thai-style ‘sukiyaki’ is one of the Thailands most loved street foods. For the best sukiyaki in Bangkok, you should visit Elvis Suki (pretty catchy isn’t it) at Soi yodase. He serves a mean sukiyaki among other awesome dishes.  

If Handmade ice cream is your thing, then you simply must visit Nuttaporn Ice Cream. Although Bangkok is not too big on hand made ice cream, this single joint will get your sweet buds craving for more. They have had over 60 years of experience in crafting and making ice cream from the bottom up, so you can be positive that you’re in for a treat – Bangkok style. Popular flavours include coconut milk, mango (mamuang), coffee, and chocolate. For toppings, you can pick from roasted peanust, beans, coconut sticky rice, corn, coconut and more.