Hey guys. My name is Tiffany Harper. I am a 28 year old fitness freak from Thailand. My journey into fitness has been anything but conventional. I started Thai fighting at a very young age. When I was only 10, my father initiated me into the gruelling world of Thai boxing. As a kid, I really wasn’t much of a fighter and the other kids would often tease me and bully me as a result of my shy and quiet nature. However, over years of training, the hard conditioning developed not only my body but also my mind and spirit. Today, although I remember with affection the little shy boy I used to be, there is not an ounce of quit in me and any bully would think twice before rubbing me the wrong way.

Thai Boxing is a pretty brutal sport and there is a lot of conditioning involved. Unlike orthodox boxing, where fighters use only their hands, in Muay Thai, fighters utilize not just their hands, but also elbows, knees, shins and feet. The shins and forearms are used as a shield to block blows. There is a lot of conditioning to strengthen the forearms and shins. Practitioners practice striking bamboo shafts among other things with their shins and forearms to develop layers of dead skin and to ultimately transform their arms and legs into weapons of war. Over many years of training I developed a strong physique, but I still wanted to venture into new and different methods of training  to give my body the opportunity to develop in different ways.

Thai boxing can take a toll on your body, so I decided to incorporate other ‘softer’ training protocols into my training routine. I began experimenting with yoga, pilates as well as using other cardio machines such as the Ergometer and even took up cycling. In my quest to develop a holistic training and fitness lifestyle I did quite a bit of experimentation and learnt a lot. Through this blog, I hope to make all my knowledge and experience available to you, so that you can save a lot of precious time and energy and just shoot me a message whenever you want.