4 Fat-Burning Ab Exercises

Based on results, exercises can be categorised into various types. People who want short term benefits then perform low-intensity workouts. And people who want maximum benefits in minimum time consider high intensity workouts regularly. People perform specific exercises for strengthening the core, toning the abdomen and burning calories. Because of vast exercises, a person with any particular weight/height or age can maintain his/her health and live happily.

One particular type of exercises, abdominal exercises are performed for burning calories, flattening the belly and strengthening the core. Yes, these exercises also involve high intensity and require strict discipline. Are you aware of these? If no then read best 5 Fat-Burning Ab Exercises:

  1. Body-Weight Squat

You must have heard about squat. The only difference between the normal squat and this squat is the standing position. In this exercise, a person need to stand by keeping knees in bent position, crossed hands on the chest and feet behind toes with an adequate width. The feet should point in the straight direction. Along with abdomen, this exercise also works on the chest and the core. Professionals suggest for performing minimum 5 reps of this particular exercise.

  1. Basic Pump

This is an amazing exercise for strengthening abs. For this exercise, you should stand on one leg with knees in the bending position. Then, you should spin the hoop by pushing it in one specific direction. The hoop must be at right level and against high intensity. Next, you should shift your weight between backward and forward legs. This shifting is required for moving of hips in forward and backward direction. Last, you should spin the hoop and maintain balance. For best results, a person needs to perform this exercise minimum for 5 times.

  1. Side Incline with a Twist

Keep your forearm under shoulder, legs in stacked position, hand perpendicular to the body and lie on the right side. Then, lift your hips so that a line is formed between head and feet. Last, engage your waist and abs in such a manner that can perform various reflex actions. This exercise not only works biceps and triceps but also the core and the waist. Repeat this exercise for about four times on both sides of the ground.

  1. Swan Dive

The inhaling and exhaling activity involved in this exercise improve the functioning of respiratory organs such as lungs and bronchioles. Start by lying on your stomach with arms stretched and toes pointed. Then, lift your legs and arms at 7 inches above the ground. Start counting and hold this position for five times. Next, you should perform inhaling and exhaling for various times. This task is to be done in the same position as during holding operation. Repeat the entire process for seven times by taking definite interval of breaks. This exercise works hips, thighs, and the abdomen.


A person can easily perform various ab exercises and burn effective calories. Body-Weight Squat differs from the normal squat in the standing position. Basic Pump should be performed for the minimum of 5 times. Side Incline with a Twist works biceps, triceps, waist and the core. Various inhaling and exhaling activities of Swan Dive helps in improving the performance of respiratory organs.

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